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you are beautiful. you are strong. you are perfect. you are worth it. you are enough.
i promise.

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Orion’s Nebula from Lake Tekapo NZ By Peter Haworth .

okay just one more thing but i really miss having this theme. i loved it.

Anonymous asked: Hey I saw your post about the daytrana patch. Did it help you lose weight?

(it’s funny because i thought i answered this but it must’ve been a dream omg i need to stop dreaming about tumblr)

no, it didn’t. the only medication i can compare it to from experience is adderall, so―

adderall was originally marketed as a weightloss drug, and it had a side effect of aiding focus, thus its main use today. daytrana, however, does not have that history. it did not help my focus at all, and it did not affect my appetite. what it did do was make me feel like i hadn’t eaten. by that, i mean: adderall killed my appetite altogether (when on the right dosage…which i am not on at the moment…unfortunately…), and thus made me feel like i was going to pass out and stuck me in a day-long panic attack, and i do mean stuck. eating did not help the panic attacks, but it did…sort of help the fainting feeling…but only when i ate before taking it; once i’d taken it there was nothing i could do to help a damn thing. 

on daytrana, i ate everything in the house (which is my normal; adderall cuts my weight from 99 to 92 in five school days, but then the weekend comes, when i don’t take it, and i go back up to 99; every goddamn week, just because i have no off switch, and i never have) but i still felt like hell, was still stuck in a panic attack. i stopped using it after a week because that scared the shit out of me. i had been used to the adderall side effect and knew how to somewhat control them; i knew eating would in some way help. the daytrana took all possible control out of my hands. i let adderall do that for the sole fact of the weightloss, but when daytrana obviously didn’t do that, i didn’t try fighting it.

okaaayy, that was my long story. in short: no.