*Hiatus: @@@
@@// be back tomorrow!

my name is rae and i know i will be okay.

I am taking a one-day hiatus. I have a major problem with drugs—I don't care if you think I'm crazy; I'm allowed to have my weird hang-ups—so I don't want to be around for all of the 4/20 bullshit stuff. I'll be back when the drug posts taper off. Until then, my queue will be running, but I will not be online. Anonymous messaging will be disabled and I will not reply to any other asks.

One of my best friends, friend 1, went walking in the streets with her friend while high and almost got hit by a moving vehicle. She said, in her defense, that "the car may have been a mile away" for all she knew, to which I replied, "But what if it wasn't?" Another friend of mine, friend 2, was in a rough patch and tried weed with her best friend in hopes that it would help her through it. The weed was laced, and she was raped. Please try to understand why I'm distancing myself from this place where most people are game for it. I'm in no emotional state to handle knowing people I care about are being subjected to the above situations. I know I'm a buzz kill, but I know I care too much too, and I'm fine with that.

Whatever you choose to do, please stay safe. I love you.